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This Creative Potluck featured a show-and-tell (a succulent plant names Tobias, a feather from a crane, a gargoyle, and a spring-time forest view.)

We also discussed our Shared Values and Group Agreements. As CP continues, having clear community values and guidelines will ensure that we make the most of this space and experience. So that we can all ride the same wave, please review the values and agreements linked above!

The "Main Course" this Potluck was a screening of the film Reunion of Flags (2019), The film explores the growing peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia following more that 20 years of war and conflict. The film was hosted by one of our esteemed potluckers from Washington D.C and was followed by a Q & A with the film's producer.

Cover Art: "The Reunion of The Flags" movie poster


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