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Theme: "I have an idea!"

A poem taken by the poet in Sevilla, Spain in Summer 2016
A photo taken by the poet in Sevilla, Spain (2016)

"The Ferris wheel"

Let’s go ride a Ferris wheel

For no reason at all,

Let’s get to the bar late

And make our friends hate us for dragging the night on too long

Let’s go paint the town in red

And dance on twinkling lights

Let’s drink way too much

And have such a good time we don’t know the sun has come up

Let’s spin in circles

And be in love, be in love, be in love.

Let’s wake up slowly tomorrow

With your hand fitted in mind,

Busy people make hay

In the heat of the day but you listen to my heart beat

Let’s stay right here, together

Right now and next week forever,

Let the days come, and let the days go

Then when we’re gray and hobbly and old

We’ll tell the best story

that’s ever been told:

of you, and of me, and the Ferris wheel.

- - -

The following dishes were served:

  • "Mr. Krabs, I have an idea!" (link)

  • Discussing the prospects of a Creative Potluck group arts project*

  • "A review of work, of the artist formerly known as Governor Cuomo" (link, pending availability)*

  • The book Comradeship: Curating, Arts, and Politics in Post-Socialist Europe by Zdenka Badovinac

  • "Ferris Wheel," a poem by one of our beloved potluckers.* Read the poem above.

*Asterisk indicates homemade

Cover Art: Photo taken by Potlucker, A.M.


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