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ZINE! #0002

Creative Potluck has published it's second zine: Potluck as Petri Dish!!! (Click here to read zine #0001 ) This interactive zine was made in collaboration with the artist collective, record label, and incubator Cosmic Jelly . Included as a party favor and used as a tool during a creativity exercise, this zine explores the experimental nature of grass-roots "scene" communities and cultures. Through this explorative project, Creative Potluck envisions itself as a "small container for organic cultures, a fuzzy experiment." Inspiration was also sparked by Seam, a values-based social fabric woven across the US and beyond. Who knows what may germinate next from this grand experiment...

Photos from Cosmic Jelly Camp in Los Angeles, November 2023 courtesy of Cosmic Jelly

(Peep the printed neon mini-zine in the top left corner!)

Cover photo: Image of camp attendees in this hills of Topanga, California courtesy of Cosmic Jelly


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