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  • Open arms: Every potluck guest is a blessing. We bring a diversity of backgrounds and lived experiences to the table. Each potlucker’s unique perspectives and contributions are celebrated and respected. We are particularly interested in honoring and elevating marginalized voices, demonstrated in our interpersonal interactions as well as through many of the dishes we share.

  • Whole-selves: We bring our whole-selves to the space. We are present, open, and curious. These states of being are rooted in a feeling of safety and comfort. We believe that respect is foundational to deep, meaningful connection.   

  • Member-driven: Creative Potluck is committed to feeding the creative spirits of its members. Likewise, its members are committed to transformative personal and collective growth. We seek to contribute our time, talents, and ideas to nurture this shared-blooming.

  • Imaginative: Creative Potluck is...creative. It is an ever evolving, living, breathing organism eager to imagine, innovate, and create the communities we want to live in. 

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  • Move up, move up: If you’re someone who tends to not speak a lot, please move up into a role of speaking more. If you tend to speak a lot, please move up into a role of listening more.

  • Be a present. Be right here and right now, with us. 

  • Be comfortable with silence.

  • Take care of yourself: During Potluck feel free to stretch, eat, drink, use the restroom, rest your eyes.

  • Don’t feel the need to “sound smart.” Creative Potluck is more about sharing yourself than sharing intellectual ideas.

  • No one knows everything; together we know a lot. Learn from others and let others learn from you!

  • Treat others the way they want to be treated

  • Take ownership of this space, because this space is yours! Creative Potluck is whatever we need it to be. Please voice your needs, ideas, and questions.

These Group Values and Agreements have been approved by the following potluckers:


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