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Theme: In flux/ Influx. Constant change. Floods. Lilly said, "As an artist, are you entering or departing?"

Two quotes to sit with: 

  • "We are all migrants through time."

  • "Memes: they're hella legible"

Dishes served:

  • Snow monkeys in the hot-springs of Japan edited by me, yours truly*

  • A clip from Charlie Chaplin's The Kid (link)

  • "Pigeon Man" by Jamila Woods (link)

  • "The End of an Era" by u m a m i (link)

  • "Flux" by your very own Naa Allotey and motts*

  • An analysis of the Mr. Krabs meme (Power-point link)*

  • Excerpt from Schizophrene by Bhanu Kapil

  • Discussing the work of Moshin Hamid 

*Asterisk indicates homemade


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