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This Creative Potluck we continued to mix things up, "stir the pot" as they say! C.P began in November 2019, and since then, Winter has turned to Spring. Spring is now turning to Summer. Like the seasons, we're a'changin too.

We spent the first hour checking-in and reflecting on what Creative Potluck is and what we want/need/hope it to be. Due to technical difficulties we video chatted via Zoom but used audio from Facebook Messanger. Wires, cables, and satellites provided a direct line between Lima, Peru and Durham, North Carolina, USA - from one heart to another.

Then, we did something new for Potluck: A creative exercise! We watched a short film made by one of our potluckers (tentatively titled, "something i made") and then we each spent an hour crafting a piece independently inspired by the film.

After that, we re-grouped. And boy! was there some good cookin' shared!

See for yourself:

  • A poem titled, "New Years"

  • A short story titled, "Ode to a Construction Site"

  • And...well I (writer of this esteemed blog post) just fooled around with Google's Mother's Day interactive Doodle

Cover Art: Illustration by Potlucker, M.B.


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