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This Potluck was... *chef's kiss* Incredibly nourishing, a true delight! We got into the nitty gritty of the big issues impacting our worlds: race, gender, environmental degradation, the pandemic, the psychology of being a twenty-something,...among other topics!

Here are some of the dishes shared. Bon appétit!

  • Everybody Rides the Carousel, a classic animated film that illustrates the eight stages of life as defined by the psychologist Erik Erikson

  • Two Towns of Jasper, a documentary (available FREE online!) made by visiting Duke film professor Marco Williams that investigates one small town's response to a modern day lynching using two film crews: one black and one white.

  • Exploring psychology, relationships, and family dynamics in cinema: Therapist Reacts to Pixar's Inside Out

  • A podcast exploring the intersection of neuroscience and cinema: NEUROCINEMA

  • A post: Healing our lineages, shifting ancestral energies.

  • A homemade dish: One Potlucker made chicken and rice as we chatted

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