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This Potluck was filled with conversations about learning languages: Spanish, Arabic, and Amharic specifically. Our motivations were vast from wanting to be able to communicate with one's children in our (or our partner's!) native tongue to professional opportunities and cultural fluency.

Ultimately, language is all about connection -- and so is Creative Potluck. Below are some dishes recently shared that we hope can facilitate conversation, community, and that ever-glorious ~*connection*~ between us and the world-at-large.

The Dish-Submitter writes, "This is a 9 episode series partly fiction, partly autobiography where Sharon Mashihi voice acts all her family members...I thought it was very profound. I should stop gushing about it to everyone I know, but I am desperate for people to listen because I though it was remarkable.

The Dish-Submitter writes, "Tracie Hunt reports a really interesting story about AIDs protests, who they were for, what they accomplished and how. I re-listened to the end a few times because I am a sucker for endings."

The Dish-Submitter writes, "I've listened to the school bus segment (I think it's Act II or III? -- Editor's Note: It's Act II) at least four times because it makes me smile.

Also, I love the TikToks from NPR's Planet Money. Specifically the chaotic ones by jack."

Cover Art: Illustration by Valero Doval


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